Oxygen Chambers for Pets—Transparent Acrylic Cages for Sleeping

Many vets these days recommend oxygen tents or masks for animals with respiratory problems. But try getting your pet to sit still wearing an oxygen mask! Some pet owners attempt to seal their dog kennel or cat cage with plastic and pump in oxygen with a concentrator. But maintaining consistent levels, at the right concentration can be an engineering challenge.

This is why we’ve designed and manufactured the best oxygen chamber for animals in the world. Whatever the oxygen-level your vet recommends, you’ll be able to control and maintain that level for unlimited periods of time while your pet sleeps.

Watch Your Pet While He or She Sleeps in Perfect Oxygen Concentration

Many tents built for oxygen maintenance of your pet can be useful, but you can’t see your pet, and they can’t see you. This creates a feeling of anxiety while in the tent for you and your pet.

CREATE the ideal sleeping environment for your pet with an oxygen chamber that is the right size for your animal, with visibility that keeps your beloved pet in a state of rest and relaxation.

Oxygen Chamber Is Ideal for Dog Breeding

Do you raise dogs as an investment? Or maybe you just love your dog and want to prolong his or her life. Whatever your motive, preserving and protecting the health of a dog, especially a purebred, requires a high-quality oxygen chamber.

Protect Newborn Puppies and Kittens

Often when pups and kittens are born, these small animals are in danger of a premature death. They can have respiratory problems when first born. Maintaining their life in those early hours and days of life requires an oxygen chamber.

You can place multiple puppies and kittens in one of our manufactured acrylic chambers in a safe and optimal life-preserving environment, at the vet-recommended oxygen concentration. Promote the greatest chance of the most puppies and kittens surviving the early days of life.

Preserve the Life of Your Pet for Breeding

If you own a dog or a cat that you’re using for breeding, the more you can extend the life of that animal, the larger the offspring and profit.  Give your dognor cat the gift of a fountain of youth with a comfortable night sleep in an oxygen chamber.

Oxygen Chambers for Pets with Respiratory Problems

If you have a well-loved pet, and your pet’s breathing is functioning properly, ending the life of that pet is not an ideal option. Owners that are compassionate about their pets, while wanting to extend their period of companionship with that pet, are now looking to oxygen concentration as a smart option.

But tents are not a good long-term option. You can’t see your pet, and controlling the level of the oxygen is inconsistent. And forget about pet oxygen masks.

Oxygen chambers are the superior high-quality solution for pets with respiration issues.

CPAP Not an Option for Pets with Sleep Apnea

Humans with sleep problems are more and more using CPAP machines for controlling their airflow while they in bed. But this is not a realistic option for dogs, cat, and other pets.

By increasing the Oxygen level in your pet’s sleeping-cage you can provide a sleep solution that extends the life of your animal while improving the quality of their life. By using a transparent acrylic chamber, you can control that level at the ideal amount.

Love and Protect Your Pet’s Life

Discover the newest and most exciting trend in pet health! Care for your pet the ideal way by providing them a superior sleeping circumstances with an oxygen chamber, designed specifically for your pet.