About Pet Oxygen Chambers

We are one of the only manufacturers of home oxygen chambers for pets in the country. We build the O2 boxes out of acrylic glass with a manual locking swing door for easy in and out access. A fan is installed to help circulate the oxygen and to remove the CO2. The most common use for an oxygen sealed box is for sleep and recovery. Many pet owners will provide a comfortable pad or bed and use this oxygen therapy method to watch their pets sleep without any difficulty. 

Many veterinarians recommend to dog and cat owners to provide an oxygen-rich environment for their pets, but finding a satisfactory longterm option to achieve this has been almost impossible.

The Best Option for Pet Oxygen Therapy

We're proud to be pioneers in this new industry, vet clinics are finding more use of administering oxygen to animals of all kinds for multiple health reasons. We have designed a transparent acrylic chamber that allows owners to see their pet while they sleep. This is the most comfortable method of administering oxygen to your pet.

Available Sizes

  • Extra Small (12 x 12 x 37)
  • Small (14 x 16 x 26)
  • Medium (21 x 20 x 26)
  • Large (26 x 25 x 34)
  • Extra Large (28 x 28 x 37)


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